Dr. Steve Ingham

Dr Steve Ingham


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00:28  Welcome and introduction

07:00  Audience engagement with world records

12:20  Key framework: What’s the smallest change that could make the biggest difference

13:10  The start of high performance thinking

16:42  Jessica Ennis becomes the face of the London 2012 games and the pressure is on

22:21  When teams clash and disagree what does this signal and how can you create momentum?

32:40  Jessica Ennis delivers the performance strategy in London on ‘super Saturday’

43:16  How we work with each other matters

45:37  Characteristics of under-performing and high-performing teams

52:20  The responsibility of leaders and how we took a LEAP (Listen, Engage, Activate, Purpose) to enable the team post London to sustain success at the Rio Olympics and Paralympics

57:57  Supporting each other as the start point of high performance and close

What to Expect

Wow really?

Steve gets audiences teams and conferences engaged from the start with a fascinating insight into the limits of performance by showing what us humans can actually do, measuring out the unfathomable distances of the long jump and triple jump, and equating the weightlifting records to your kitchen appliances! This fast start get’s people’s attention and creates a sense of wonder!

So what? 

These world records are used to illustrate how goals and marginal gains can actually stifle performance. Here’s where the experience of working in high performance for the last 25 years can help you focus, by introducing a key concept that can enable teams to move forward now, today and with simple effectiveness, “What is the smallest change that can make the biggest difference?”

Compelling stories with key principles

Steve shares the story of working with Sir Steve Redgrave. Meeting him for the first time, Redgrave challenged him directly, “Are you going to make me go faster?” While intimidating this taught Steve  about how the best SET HIGH STANDARDS – a key principle when aspiring to achieve. Redgrave later shared with Steve the reasoning behind his challenge, that he needed someone he could trust. This lesson highlights that TRUST IS THE KEYSTONE of high-performance.

Steve worked with Jessica Ennis-Hill throughout her career. Jess brought him in to help with the 800m the final event of the 7 event challenge of the heptathlon. Working to Jess’ brief led Steve to focus solely on his responsibility and lose sight of the bigger objective. This lesson of working in teams led to Steve identifying the 3 O’s of performance; OURSELVES, OTHERS, the OBJECTIVE. If we neglect any of these we’re reducing our potential impact. Steve’s example of preparing Jess to develop he preparation strategy meant FOCUSING ON THE BIG WINS to give Jess an advantage over her competitors, but ultimately came down to delivering under the spotlight of being the face of the games and this required  having a PLAN TO PERFORM UNDER PRESSURE. Steve shows how Jess utilised his methods in the stadium in 2012 to clinch gold. 

Zoom out

Having led the support teams to 3 Olympic Games’ Steve is uniquely placed to share the characteristics of teams that disproportionately over and under perform. From a team that was famed for focusing on the technical details of preparation and performance, the small change that made a big difference was focusing not just on the ‘what’ teams did but on ‘how’ they did it. 

Through increased focus and skill on trust, psychological safety, collective accountability, a strong sense of norms and increased empathy – the team did just that, galvanised quickly behind an audacious goal to aspire to achieve. 

This inspiring, fascinating and fun speech will leave audiences and teams uplifted and motivated to make their work more effective, more enjoyable and more impactful