Dr. Steve Ingham

Dr Steve Ingham


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00:28  Welcome and introduction

07:00  Audience engagement with world records

12:20  Key framework: What’s the smallest change that could make the biggest difference

13:10  The start of high performance thinking

16:42  Jessica Ennis becomes the face of the London 2012 games and the pressure is on

22:21  When teams clash and disagree what does this signal and how can you create momentum?

32:40  Jessica Ennis delivers the performance strategy in London on ‘super Saturday’

43:16  How we work with each other matters

45:37  Characteristics of under-performing and high-performing teams

52:20  The responsibility of leaders and how we took a LEAP (Listen, Engage, Activate, Purpose) to enable the team post London to sustain success at the Rio Olympics and Paralympics

57:57  Supporting each other as the start point of high performance and close