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Improve Your Daytime Energy with a Simple Question

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How Do You Think About Your Sleep in the Morning?

When you wake up, it’s quite normal to ask, “How well did I sleep last night?” In response, you might assess:

  • How many times you woke up
  • Whether you were disturbed
  • The number of times you went to the toilet
  • Whether you fell asleep quickly or struggled to drift off

While many of these elements can disturb your sleep, they might not necessarily mean you had a bad night’s sleep. Why? Because, despite disruptions, you might have experienced very efficient deep sleep!

What Is a Better Question to Ask?

“How refreshed do I feel?” This simple rephrase shifts the focus from ‘what happened’ to ‘what was the result.’ It is entirely possible to have a disrupted sleep but still feel fine. Check this before you:

  1. Think about what happened
  2. Check your wearables

Wrestling control over how you view your physical and mental performance is increasingly important because we’re surrounded by wearables, inputs, and data that (often inaccurately) attempt to tell us how we should be feeling!

My Advice

Make a habit of asking how refreshed you feel rather than whether you had disrupted sleep. This simple change in perspective can significantly improve your daytime energy and overall well-being.



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