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In short, how high performance teams develop and how you can do it too! The speech enables teams to gain momentum and inspiration by hearing first hand what are the key dynamics within a high-performance team (sharing the story of supporting Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill to Olympic Gold) and what are the common characteristics across high-performance teams in sports, military, space exploration, ambulance workers and more. Download the speech profile here.

Of course you can! It’s important that it is a good fit for you. Register here to view the speech

That depends. Steve is a much sought after corporate speaker and also provides talks for sports teams, systems, education institutions and charities. As such there is a range of prices based on who you are. The best thing to do is drop us a line at hello@drsteveingham.com, describe who you are, what your event is and we will let you know a cost.

After your enquiry, we’d schedule a briefing call to hear more about your current situation, dynamics in the teams and the key messages you’re looking to inspire your team with. We’ll also discuss some logistics and ask you to sign and return an agreement.

After the event you can pay electronically via out invoicing system, using credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

Yes, Steve tells the story of the work behind the men’s 8+. As one of the team, working out -“How the boat can go faster!” Steve’s innovative and intuitive approach helped unlock areas that created boat speed.

He asks, “What small change can make the biggest difference?”, to encourage a switch in thinking to ‘focus on what’s really important’.

But ‘the what’ is only one side of the coin and Steve artfully explains how working together effectively is where high-performance truly lies. Contact the ‘Will it’ team for more details.