Dr. Steve Ingham

Case Study

TGT: Speech


TGT: Motivational speaker for annual management strategy meeting

1. Speech search

Wendy Orhan, Head of Brand and Communication, TGT

“We were looking for a speaker for our management team annual meeting and I was tasked with exploring options to provide a view from high-performance. I reviewed numerous speeches and speakers and came across Steve and thought he would be a great fit. We were able to review Steve’s speech to get a full understanding of the key messages and his style. One thing that really stood out was not just the content, but how Steve engages the audience, takes them on a journey and delivers the content in a way that makes high-performance very accessible and creates belief.”


2. Briefing call

Wendy Orhan, Head of Brand and Communication, TGT

“Ken Feather (Chief Marketing Officer, TGT) and I spoke to Steve to discuss our current situation and how we need to stay competitive in an evolving market.

We explored options with Steve, such as his work with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, but landed on his ‘Will it make the boat go faster’ speech. We really liked the perspective that Steve brought, not one of being in the boat, but supporting others to success. Steve’s work in leading the Olympic and Paralympic teams was also fascinating and we asked him to include aspects of his insights into what makes teams successful. The combination ticked all the boxes for us.”


Ken Feather, Chief Marketing Officer, TGT

“As a challenger brand in a fiercely competitive arena, our business was doing extremely well but our big-brand competitors are continually chasing us around the track so we’re always looking for new ways to stay ahead. We appreciated working with Steve to align our needs, with his key messages before the event.”


3. Speech impact

Ken Feather, Chief Marketing Officer, TGT

“We had high expectations and Steve certainly didn’t disappoint. It was honestly one of the most interesting, engaging, informative and motivational sessions I have had the pleasure to attend – and that feeling was shared amongst the team. Steve is clearly highly knowledgeable and an expert at his craft, and a natural speaker.

There are so many parallels between business and sport performance, and competing in our sector is very much like a continuous Olympic game – and the bar gets higher every year.

I would recommend Steve and his presentation to anyone that wants to make the boat go faster, either literally or metaphorically. Thanks Steve!”